Who I am

My name is Lily and I live in a little basement in Bloomingdale with three cats and the sexiest woman alive. I spend my free time stuffing my face with deliciousness and exploring DC. My attitude to food is pretty simple, eat locally, eat seasonally, and treat the earth with some love and respect. My life is a hot mess most of the time, but I eat good food and visit friends in fun places and that’s all I really need to be happy. I thought it would be nice share some of the things I eat and some of the places I go with the internet, so I created this blog. I hope you enjoy it.

How I cook 

Here’s the thing. I very rarely measure anything, but instead judge quantities by touch and taste (plus some trial and error). I encourage you to do the same with the recipes on this blog, that's why there aren't many specific amounts. I adore cookbooks and I read them obsessively. They inspire me and teach me new favor combinations. But when it comes to cooking from them, I happily substitute the things I hate for the things I love or whatever I have on hand. Hey, if you don’t have one thing, try another (sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t, but I promise the more you try it the more it’ll work). Make it vegetarian, make it vegan. Make it cheap, make it fancy. See what it tastes like when you add a different vinegar, citrus, oil, or herb. Play with your food. That’s how I cook.


Some sidenotes: I don't bake sweet things, I'm allergic to eggs, and I grew up in Scotland eating Scottish food. So there's that.