Salmon, Yogurt, & Honey Tapas

I firmly believe that holiday snacks are the best part of holiday parties. I am a sucker for hors d'oeuvres and around the holidays everyone seems to up their snack game. The thing is, while little onion tarts with gorgonzola and walnuts and terrine of pork, smoked bacon and cranberries sound insane, I am not particularly good and anything involving focus or paying close attention to detail. 

So I need my holiday snacks to be both fancy and super easy to make, which is why these little toasts are great. Pop open a bottle of sparking wine or a real nice craft brew and pass around a plate of these smoked salmon snacks and no one will complain. 

This is a traditional tapas but a little less common this side of the pond. I recommend using the thickest, fullest of fat yogurt you can find (because you don't want it dripping off the toast). I'd also invest in some nice wild salmon and raw honey, you won't regret the amazing flavors plus it's the perfect season to splurge. 


Slice and toast the baguette. Wait for the toast to cool slightly and gently spread a dollop of yogurt onto each toast. 

Top with slice of smoked salmon and drizzle lightly with honey. Season with lots of black pepper and a dash of salt. 



smoked salmon

greek yogurt


salt & pepper