The Ginhound

Guys, my mother is coming to visit and I am ridiculously excited. My mum (cause we're British) is my favorite person. She has taught me many life skills, because of her I always keep a packet of smoked salmon in the fridge--it lasts forever and is perfect for snacking! My mum and I look the same, we talk the same, and we have the same real true unshakable love for gin. So in preparation for her arrival, I restocked.  

If you give a girl some gin, chances are, she'll want a mixer to go with it. And I had grapefruits in the fridge (my CSA has been really into "winter pick me ups," which aren't exactly local but, hey, they're still from small farms and it's a nice alternative to seven weeks of turnips). So it was time to make some greyhounds.

Greyhounds use a 3:1 grapefruit to gin/vodka ratio but I'm making this drink in honor of my mother, so I use a 2:1 ratio (plus club soda and some other extra bits to cut it). This is a lovely between season drink with the wintery citrus and fresh spring mint. It's incredibly refreshing, so it's perfect for sipping in the backyard as I wait for my mother and summertime to arrive. 


juice from 1 grapefruit (2 parts)

gin (1 part)

few drops aromatic bitters

few sprigs of mint

club soda (to top off)



Juice the grapefruit. Add juice, gin, bitters, and one sprig of mint to a cocktail shaker (or mason jar...) Add ice and shake. Strain mixture into glasses. Top off with club soda and garnish with mint.