Good Morning Blue Nuts Smoothie


Breakfast is hard. It's early and I'm hungry. 90% of the time this results in me eating peanut-butter on toast, which I've been eating for breakfast for as long as I can remember eating things for breakfast. Occasionally I'll swap the peanut-butter for avocado, but this is an expensive east coast habit. However, when my lunch or dinner is going to be bread heavy, I try to avoid a toast breakfast. Enter my Good Morning Blue Nuts Smoothie. I've tried this a bunch of different ways but I like the 2 to 1 blueberry to raspberry ratio and the cashew almond combo. It's rich, but simple. Filling, but not heavy. Plus there aren't any bitter greens so no need for additional sweeteners. 

The main sweetener for this drink is the frozen banana. I like to keep a bag of peeled and halved bananas in my freezer for smoothies. When things freeze, their flavor becomes less extreme, so you can freeze bananas long past normal eating ripeness. In fact, the longer you leave them before freezing, the sweeter your smoothies will taste. If you're out of almond milk, you can add a handful of almonds in addition to the cashews and then use water to mix all the ingredients together. If you're out of almonds, go to the store. 


1/2 a frozen banana

big handful of frozen blueberries

a few frozen raspberries 

handful of raw cashews 

unsweetened almond milk 


Break up half banana and throw in blender with the berries and cashews. Pour in almond milk until the solid ingredients are about half way covered. Blitz. Stir ingredients and add a touch more almond milk. Blitz again. Keep doing this until you reach your desired consistency. 

Pour the smoothie into a jar and then pour a little bit more almond milk into the blender. Shake or blitz to loosen all the smoothie goodness on the side of your blender and pour the last bit of mixture on top of your smoothie. Good morning, blue nuts.