Just got back from vacation and WOW, Norway is incredible. The air is chilly and the fjords are breathtaking. I ate reindeer, cod tongues, whale, shrimp, salmon, and SO MUCH BROWN CHEESE. 

After my mum and I flew to Oslo, we went to Alta (way up north) and spent two weeks traveling around the Arctic Circle (including Tromsø, Hammerfest, Honningsvåg, and Kirkenes). We took boats down the Altaelva and grilled salmon on the riverbank. We ate bidos (a traditional Sami soup made with reindeer meat) in a turf covered restaurant. We saw 7000 year old rock carvings. We drank a lot of Mack beer. There were stockfish racks everywhere and it never got dark. Not once. Not even for a second.  


I wish I could go back to the snow topped hills and escape the muggy DC heat. But alas, it's back to work now. Fortunately I smuggled back some brown cheese.