(Christmas) Beer Pulled Pork

Summer vacation is over and I'M BACK! After one hell of a summer spent hoping about between Boston, Vermont, Norway, the Outer Banks, New York, Montreal, and the swift Potomac, I am settled back in DC and ready to face plant into fall. 

Here's the thing, when the season starts to change I have an urge to begin cleaning and sorting... It doesn't happen in spring (why would you clean your entire house when you're about to spend every waking moment outside)? But fall starts and I begin going through my wardrobe, clearing out the fridge, and cooking as if the apocalypse is nigh. 

Toby: cooking assistant extraordinaire/really enthusiastic cat. 

Toby: cooking assistant extraordinaire/really enthusiastic cat. 

While I was on a fridge cleaning mission, I found a couple winter brews from last year (my roommate and I have a thing for seasonal beer and last year we maybe went a little overboard...)  I figured I better use them up before they hit the shelves again in a couple of months. Plus, in my freezer was 2lbs of pork shoulder that had been sitting there since April. I thought surely there's a way to use the beer and the pork, clear some fridge and freezer space, and have delicious lunches all week? So Christmas Beer Pulled Pork became a thing. 


I reckon you could do this with another beer, you'd maybe want one that was on the sweeter side or was spiced similarly to winter ales (I bet fall beers would work a treat). You could also do it without the beer, for a more traditional pulled pork dish.  


2lbs pork shoulder 

1 seasonal beer

2 tbsps brown sugar 

1 tsp hickory salt 

1 tsp chipotle chili 

1 tsp black pepper

 pinch coriander 

apple cider vinegar

maple syrup

hot sauce 



Preheat oven to 300F. In a small bowl mix together the dry ingredients. Line a baking tray with foil. Score the skin of the pork, but not the meat. Season the pork on all sides with the spice rub. Place in the tray skin side up. Pour in the beer and roast for 3 - 4 hours. 

Once cooked through (internal temp 160F), remove from the oven and remove the crispy skin. Shred the pork, mixing in juice from the pan and bits of the crispy skin as you go. 

Season pork with apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, and hot sauce to taste. 


Fun fact: I pickled the pickles for this sandwich and I'll share that recipe shortly!