Smoked Salmon Pita Pocket

I'm on a sandwich kick at the moment. There's just something so satisfying about looking in the fridge at the end of a long day and saying, 'fuck it, I'm having a sandwich for dinner.' In addition to my goat cheese addiction, I also have a salmon obsession and a weird need to eat green leaves with most of my meals--so I tend to keep those things in the fridge. I also eat a bag of lemons every week. 

The point is, this sandwich came about because it combines all my favorite foods in a delightful (classy, even?) pita pocket. I eat it for lunch almost every Saturday and it goes down a treat with a midday glass of wine and a handful of kettle chips. 

No one really needs a recipe for a sandwich, but I wrote one anyway. YOU'RE WELCOME WORLD. 


pita bread

smoked salmon

goat cheese

cucumber slices



lemon wedge

salt & pepper


Cut the pita in half and toast each half. Cut open each half and spread one side with goat cheese and the other side with mustard. Layer in the salmon, cucumber, and arugula. Squeeze the lemon wedge over everything and season with salt and pepper. 

Enjoy with some chips and a glass of white wine.